What is 3D printing, you ask?

“Ultimately 3D printing dematerializes, demonetizes and democratizes manufacturing and turns us all into creators. If you or your customers are in the business of making anything, 3D printing is on the road to disrupting your industry and your business.”
–  Avi Reichental founder of XponentialWorks


Rapid Prototyping in Edmonton Alberta by 3D Print Western. Our large 3D printing services let you test your biggest prototypes in real time before moving to production.Rapid Prototyping – 3D printing allows you to have a working model of your prototype in your hands before going into production.

Test, critique, feel, and tweak your design before it is too late. Show your clients a physical object, not a computer screen. Minimum commitment, maximum results. Have your design in hand within days.

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Bicycle parts are examples of functional parts that can be built by 3d printing or additive manufacturing. Large functional parts up to 3' x 2' x 3' are a specialty of 3D Print Western 3D printing location based in Edmonton, Alberta. Save time and money by 3d printing your exact inventory of parts.

Functional Parts – Having difficulty sourcing a part?  There’s a minimum order of 100 and you only need 1? Need a highly customized part to get the job done? Forget traditional methods, 3D print it instead.

Get what you want, when you want, and the exact amount you need within a matter of days rather than weeks or months. 3D printing allows you to eliminate pricey startup fees and minimum orders.

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3D Print Western is fulfilling Edmonton and Canada's manufacturing tooling needs. Optimizing workflow with 3D printed jigs, fixtures, molds, patterns, dies, and gauges. Eliminate downtime and costs with 3D Print Western's 3D printed Manufacturing Tools.Manufacturing Tools – Jigs, dies, moulds, fixtures, gauges, and patterns have never been so easily custom built for your manufacturing process.

Our partner, TK Truckbody, is using 3D printed jigs and fixtures everyday to optimize their workflow and minimize downtime.

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3D Printed Scale Models by 3D Print Western. Additive manufacturing allows the finest of details to create ultra realistic scale models. FDM builds your model from the ground up. Sell your ideas to customers and wow potential clients. Contact 3D print western for your 3d printed scale model today! 3D Printing in Edmonton, Alberta.Scale Models – Leave hard to visualize computer models in the dust. Show your clients a 3D printed scale model of your project for the ultimate first impression.

Sell your idea with a tangible model that customers can see and touch. Extreme resolution and virtually limitless design possibilites. Express intricate details in a variety of colors.

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3D printing architecture scale models is a specialty of 3D Print Western. Our large print space accommodates models up to 3 by 2 by 3 feet.Architecture – Showcase your designs at the fraction of the cost of traditional models. Scale models can sell your idea to the client or engage the public with a new development.


Aerospace is one potential 3d printing industry for custom parts. 3D Print Western 3D printing services in western Canada, Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and Calgary areas. Aerospace – With Aviation grade ULTEM 9085, 3D Print Western can create custom parts that meet the strict regulations of aerospace and transportation. 3D print spare parts, tools, fixtures, or jigs to help production.


3D printing automotive parts and rapid prototyping by 3D Print Western in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto areas.Automotive – From test parts to replacement parts, 3D printing is already transforming the automotive industry. Imaged is a 3D printed fender in use. Utilize 3D printing’s ability to custom print low volume hard to source parts.


Rapid Prototyping in Edmonton Alberta by 3D Print Western. Our large 3D printing services let you test your biggest prototypes in real time before moving to production.Prototyping – 3D Printing provides the unique capability of physically testing and seeing your design before going into production. Test, tweak, and improve the design to ensure perfection.


Custom print medical tools and equipment with ISO certified biocompatible materials. Medical 3D printing by 3D print Western in Edmonton, Calgary, Medical – From 3D printed metal implants, to demonstration models, to biocompatible surgical tools. 3D printing is transforming the medical industry. 3D Print Western has partnerships with medical suppliers and can supply ISO certified 3D printed materials and parts.


Rapid prototyping transportation parts in Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver areas by 3D Print Western. ULTEM FST ratings are ideal for transportation prototypes and end use parts. Transportation – 3D printing prototypes and end use parts with ULTEM are ideal for its FST (flame, smoke, toxicity) rating, high strength-to-weight ratio and existing certifications.


Rapid prototyping in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton areas by 3D Print WesternMunicipalities – 3D Print Western has teamed up with large municipalities in Canada to provide Just-In-Time inventory on hard to source and highly customized parts for fleet services and transit departments.


3D printing is revolutionizing manufacturing. 3D print custom manufacturing tools with 3D print Western's 3D printing services in Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal, Toronto areas.Manufacturing – Jigs, fixtures, dies, molds, gauges and tooling are just a few ways manufactures in all industries are increasing production with 3D printing.


3D printing services in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, areas for agriculture and farming equipment. Agricultural / Forestry – Print hard to source, highly customized parts at a fraction of the price of traditional methods. Allow your research and development department to design, test, and tweak new initiatives before next season.


3D print services by 3D print Western in Edmonton for oil and gas industries. 3D Print complicated prototypes with rapid prototyping in Edmonton and test your product. Oil & Gas – Hands on models of complicated wellheads, rigs, or drilling systems can help reduce training costs or promote new products to customers.


3D print models of work sites to give a visual demonstration of safety. 3D printing services in Edmonton, 3D printing services in Calgary, 3D printing services in Toronto by 3D Print Western.Health and Safety – Models of work sites showcasing muster points will have a lasting impression on employees during safety orientation or safety meetings.