A particular over achieving resin and its incredible properties have grabbed our attention here at 3D Print Western. ULTEM, a family of amorphous thermoplastic polyetherimide (PEI) created by SABIC, is a groundbreaking resin that has become compatible with FDM 3D print technology and has partnered with Stratasys to fuel our Fortus 900mc. The ULTEM resin branches into many variations each with unique properties, but the entire family shares characteristics of outstanding thermal resistance, incredible strength and stiffness, impressive chemical resistance, and a beautiful glossy finish.

ULTEM can tackle any job with strict design criteria such as transportation, aerospace, healthcare, and food industries. The high glass transition temperature of 217 °C (the temperature at which the resin shifts from its desired stiffness to a rubbery and soft material) ensures stability of mechanical properties at high operating temperatures. You could say it’s the… ULTEMate material.

One of the 2 types of ULTEM that we print, ULTEM 1010, boasts the highest tensile strength, chemical resistance, and heat resistance of any FDM thermoplastic. On top of that, the CG (certified grade) option has bio-compatibility and food-contact certifications for special applications including food production tools and medical applications.

The other type we print, ULTEM 9085, maintains the excellent strength, thermal and chemical stability the ULTEM family is known for and is ideal for the transportation industry due to its high strength-to-weight ratio, flame retardant abilities, and its flame, smoke and toxicity ratings. Plus, it comes in the ultra-cool glossy midnight black color. The 3D printing products capable with this amazing material are endless, contact us today to print yours!


For more information on FDM ready ULTEM 1010 and 9085, visit Stratasys’ site.
For more information on the entire ULTEM family, visit the creator’s website.


3D printed air vent for LRT transportation. Made out of ULTEM 9085. 3D printing for transportation services

An LRT air vent made out of ULTEM 9085 for its transportation certifications.