3D Print Western is happy to offer you one of the largest FDM rapid prototyping services across Canada and the US. 3D printing is reshaping the way we test product designs and engineering prototypes for fit, form, feel, and function.

We boast a FDM 3D print volume of 36″ x 24″ x 36″. Our extra large rapid prototyping services will bring your biggest prototypes to life!

Bring your design to life!

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Rapid Prototyping Services Canada wide in Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal areas by 3D Print Western. Our large FDM rapid prototyping services let you test your biggest prototypes in real time before moving to production.Rapid Prototyping Services- 3D printing allows you to have a working model of your prototype in your hands before going into production.

Test, critique, feel, and tweak your design before it is too late. Show your clients a physical object, not a computer screen. Minimum commitment, maximum results. Have your design in hand within days.

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3D Print Western offers large FDM rapid prototyping services to 3D print functional parts. Rapid prototyping vancouver, rapid prototyping calgary, rapid prototyping toronto, rapid prototyping services across Canada and American cities.

Functional Parts – Having difficulty sourcing a part?  There’s a minimum order of 100 and you only need 1? Need a highly customized part to get the job done? Forget traditional methods, 3D print it instead.

Get what you want, when you want, and the exact amount you need within a matter of days rather than weeks or months. 3D printing allows you to eliminate pricey startup fees and minimum orders.

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Rapid Prototyping services across Canada and major American cities. 3D Print Western's rapid prototyping services for Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto areas and all of Canada. 3D printing quality parts for engineered prototype testing and product design.Manufacturing Tools – Jigs, dies, moulds, fixtures, gauges, and patterns have never been so easily custom built for your manufacturing process.

Our partner, TK Truckbody, is using 3D printed jigs and fixtures everyday to optimize their workflow and minimize downtime.

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3D Printed Scale Models by 3D Print Western. Our rapid prototyping services based in Edmonton allows the finest of details to create ultra realistic scale models. FDM rapid prototyping services for all of North America in a variety of FDM materials.Scale Models – Leave hard to visualize computer models in the dust. Show your clients a 3D printed scale model of your project for the ultimate first impression.

Sell your idea with a tangible model that customers can see and touch. Extreme resolution and virtually limitless design possibilites. Express intricate details in a variety of colors.

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ABS rapid prototyping services across Canada and the US. Quality rapid prototyping materials like ABS M30 and ASA are ideal for moderate use prototyping and functional parts. Both ASA and ABS M30 come in a large variety of colors that are 3D printable by 3D Print Western. ASA is ideal for outdoor use due to its improved UV and weather resistance over ABS M30.ABS-M30 is engineered for rapid prototyping with FDM technology. This go-to, cost effective plastic is an all around crowd pleaser. This colorful, general use plastic brings your project to life in the exact way you’ve envisioned it. Download ABS-M30 spec sheet.

ASA has stepped up and claimed its spot as the new-and-improved ABS-M30. ASA has either matched or exceeded ABS-M30’s mechanical properties in every category. The amazing surface finish, full rainbow of color options, and strong UV resistance is quickly making ASA the go-to favorite for cost effective prototyping. Download ASA Spec sheet.


3D Print Western Rapid prototyping services offers one of the largest FDM 3D printers in Canada and the US. Rapid prototyping vancouver, rapid prototyping calgary, rapid prototyping Toronto and all of Canada. FDM Nylon 12 is ideal for applications that demand high fatigue endurance, including repetitive snap fits and friction-fit inserts.The highest impact strength and flexibility of any FDM thermoplastic. Nylon boasts superior fatigue resistance and is the perfect choice for flexible and repetitive applications like snap fits. Download Nylon 12 FDM Spec sheet.

Rapid Prototyping services by 3D Print Western for all your ULTEM 3d printing needs. Rapid prototyping Vancouver. ULTEM transportation, automotive, and biomedical FST (Flame, Smoke, and Toxicity) ratings make it an ideal choice for advanced prototyping and functional use. Rapid prototyping in Toronto and Montreal. 3D Print Western currently prints in ULTEM 9085 and ULTEM 1010 in Edmonton Alberta. Rapid prototyping Calgary.The highest heat resistance, chemical resistance and tensile strength of any FDM thermoplastic. ULTEM’s FST (flame, smoke, toxicity) ratings, food-contact certifications and biocompatibility make it ideal for rapid prototyping advanced parts in automotive, medical, and transportation industries. Download ULTEM 9085 Spec sheet.

Rapid Prototyping services for Canada's 3D printing needs.  A functional door rod bender designed and 3D printed by 3D Print Western for our partner TK Truckbody in Edmonton, Alberta. Rapid prototyping Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver areas. Polycarbonate is great for functional parts and engineering prototypes due to its high strength and heat resistance. <a style=Download Polycarbonate Spec sheet.

Rapid prototyping services with soluble supports by 3D Print Western. Rapid prototyping services offered in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto areas. This is a CENTAC air compressor scale model 3D printed by 3D Print Western in Edmonton, Alberta. The use of support material allows for near limitless design capabilities and intricate features.All materials (with the exception of ULTEM’s breakaway supports) have a soluble release (SR) support material. The soluble support material is used alongside the main model material during prints. The dual printer heads allows for extrusion of both model material and support material in each layer.

The finished part is then placed in our cleaning bath which dissolves the supports, leaving a perfect, untouched model behind. Soluble release technology virtually eliminates design limitations. You can now 3D print hollow structures and moving parts within models. Parts can be stacked on top of each other, separated by thin layers of support material. Undercuts and overhangs can easily be made, and no draft angles are required.


FDM is an ideal 3D printing process for Rapid Prototyping. Rapid prototyping services in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto and across Canada and the US. Rapid prototype your design today!

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) relies on an additive principle of laying down very thin strips of material. A plastic filament is passed through a heated printer head and quickly melts to a liquid state. The printer head moves in 2 directions (much like a paper printer), laying down the liquid plastic. The plastic quickly cools to solid (like ink).

After a layer is completed, the print platform lowers down, adding the third dimension to printing. The next strips of material are placed on top of the original strips and the part is built layer by layer, from the bottom up.

Rapid Prototyping a Postcard holder. Rapid Prototyping Services by 3D Print Western in Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary areas. Blue ASA at 0.010 inch layer height. FDM is a form of Additive manufacturing allows you to build parts layer by layer, from the bottom up.

Here you can see 3D Print Western’s own FDM printer in action. This postcard holder is being built from the bottom up, layer by layer. A support material can be used within the model so that extreme angles, overhangs, lofts, and complex geometry can be 3D printed. Nearly every geometrical feature imaginable is possible with our rapid prototyping services.

Our soluble supports dissolve away in a bath after the part is complete, leaving a perfect model behind. Soluble support technology makes rapid prototyping a dream, and 3D Print Western would love to help your dreams come true!

Bring your design to life!

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