Concept ⇝ Design ↠ Creation
3D Print Western can ensure your project's success at every step. Our team of engineers, innovators, designers, and 3d print technicians will transform your rough draft into a functioning 3D print ready prototype design.


Have an idea or a ‘napkin sketch’ but don’t know where to start? 3D Print Western’s engineers will help you turn your abstract idea into a functional design. Use our quote request tool to kickstart your idea today!

Our quote request tool will help us (and most importantly – you) clarify and understand this project’s purpose and importance. The quote request tool takes minimal time to complete. After that, we will be on the same page and will offer you guided steps and recommendations for what lies ahead with your unique idea!


Have a plan but now you need to bring it into the virtual 3D world? Our group of engineers, designers, and innovators will analyze every detail to ensure you have most effective prototype possible.
Design services by 3D Print Western. We can step in at any point in your prototype project and provide you with a solution. 3D Print Western Solidworks exploded view of LRT vent design. 3D printing in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver areas.
Replacement vent for City of Edmonton LRT. Planned, designed, and 3d printed by 3D Print Western in Edmonton. Vent components were rapidly prototyped and then tested for fit. ULTEM transportation certifications allowed this part to be an end use part in a large City LRT system.


So you’ve seen the computer models, now you’re ready to see the real thing? Now that you have a functional design, let the 3D printing begin! 3D Print Western will not only manifest a 3D model of your idea, but will test, tweak, and iterate to perfection.

With the largest thermoplastic FDM 3D printer and a variety of plastic and metal 3D printing technologies, we can bring your biggest ideas to life. Design freedom and complexity come free. Choose material properties and colours to suit your unique project.