3D Print Western offers 3D scanning, accurate deviation maps, analysis of existing assemblies and reverse engineered 3D CAD models.

Purpose of 3D Scanning

Why is 3D scanning important?

Our 3D Scanners

3D Print Western has a variety of 3D scanning technologies that are chosen based on the application.

Analyze the deviation of real parts from their CAD models with 3D scanning in Edmonton and Calgary areas.

Reverse Engineered CAD Model Examples

3D Scanning example - Drone Frame

3D scanning lets you take a preexisting part, reverse engineer a CAD model, which allows you to then 3D print new and modified versions.

Other Services


3D scanning, scale models, aerial videos, drone flyover visualizations by 3D Print Western. 3D scanning in Edmonton, Canada.

Scale Models  leave hard to visualize computer models in the dust. Show your clients a 3D printed scale model of your project for the ultimate first impression.

Sell your idea with a tangible model that customers can see and touch.  Extreme resolution and virtually limitless design capabilities. Express intricate details in a variety of colors.